Hogan Wings 1:200 Alaska Airlines DC-3 Die-Cast Metal, 2 Plane Set

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Hogan Wings 1:200 Alaska Airlines DC-3 Die-Cast Metal, 2 Plane Set1
Price:   $39.00
Status:   Available
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Item Number:   HG8775
Scale:    1:200 
Length:   3.87 in (9.83cm)
Wingspan:   5.70 in (14.48cm)
Material:   Die-Cast Metal
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Hogan Wings are 1:200 scale models of your favorite airlines. They all have excellent features like high-detail printing, spinning engine fan blades, landing gear that actually rolls and a display stand with the airline name and aircraft printed on the base. Most of the models are high density plastic and feature snap-fit construction, meaning you put them together by snapping in the wings, tail and vertical stabilizer. Assembly is very easy, requires no glue, and can be completed within just a few minutes. This also allows you to easily disassemble the models for storage. Some of the models (where specified) are made of die-cast metal. These models come fully assembled and feature excellent construction. All of the models come with landing gear the die-cast models have them already installed while the plastic ones offer the option to display the model with the gear extended or retracted. Hogan Wings offers the most extensive catalog of 1:200 scale models so whether you are looking to start a large 1:200 collection or display a few models, these make an excellent choice.

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