United Airlines 737-800 N37267 2020 Colors (1:200) "Connecting the World, Uniting People" at www.AirlineMuseum.com

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InFlight Special Release Announcement

May 8, 2019 - www.AirlineMuseum.com

It's a busy week. GeminiJets models are arriving today and we are working on getting the new announcement models posted. We should have an email to you this afternoon with that list. In the meantime here is an exciting new model coming from InFlight.

Inflight200 is announcing a special release which is the UNITED AIRLINES new 2020 colors on a Boeing 737-800. This new scheme was rolled out on April 24th 2019 in Chicago. The next iteration of United's livery prominently features the color most connected to the airline's core - blue. Three shades - Rhapsody Blue, United Blue and Sky Blue - are used throughout the design in a way that pays respect to United's heritage while bringing a more modern energy. The airline is keeping its iconic globe logo on the aircraft tail, which represents the carrier's expansive route network of reaching 355 destinations in nearly 60 countries. The tail will be updated with a gradient in the three shades of blue, while the logo will now appear predominantly in Sky Blue. The engines and wingtips are also being painted United Blue, and the swoop that customers and employees have expressed fondness for, on United's Dreamliner fleet, will be added to all aircraft in Rhapsody Blue. United's name will appear larger on the aircraft body and the lower half of the body will be painted Runway Gray. United's mission of "Connecting people. Uniting the world." will also be painted near the door of each aircraft.

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