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Jet-X PSA  set of two B 727-173 & B 727-214 1:400
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Jet X 1:400 Diecast Airliners Item #: JET014 -

    Item # JET014Jet-X PSA B 727-173 1:400 Registration # N693WA"1970s - Pink" Colors. With Chrome Belly. With Stand. GSE = Catering Truck. Model 1 in a SET of 2.Jet-X PSA B 727-214 1:400 Registration # N540PS"1970s - Pink" Colors. With Polished Belly. With Stand. GSE = Catering Truck. Model 2 in a SET of 2

    PSA L1011-1 N10114 (1:500)
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    Herpa 1:500 Scale Diecast Airliners Item #: HE528092 -

      PSA L1011-1 N10114 (1:500) by Herpa Models Item Number: 528092Founded in San Diego, California in 1949, PSA was valued by passengers due to its friendly and jovial service. "The World's friendliest Airline", as its slogan promised, operated a few Lockheed TriStars in its eyecatching and bright livery and with the signature smile painted beneath the cockpit in the mid of the 1970s.

      PSA Lockheed L-1011 N10112 Polished (1:200) - Preorder item, order now for future delivery
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      InFlight 200 Scale Diecast Airliners Item #: IF1011PSA02P -

        PSA Lockheed L-1011 N10112 Polished (1:200) by Inflight Diecast Aircraft Models Item Number: IF1011PSA02P