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B727-200 Continental (1:100), TMC Pacific Desktop Airplane Models Item Number KB727CATR
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TMC Pacific Desktop Airplane Models Item #: KB727CATR -

    B-727-200 Continental (1:100) by PacificItem Number: KB727CATRSpan: 18 " Length: 12.75 " The Boeing 727 was, for a very long time, the most popular jet-liner in the world. The 727 first took to the skies during the 1960s, much earlier than its bigger and more famous sister the Boeing 747. Through its exceptional fuel efficiency it can fly both long- and short-range routes.Made To Order ModelOur "Made to Order" line consists of aircraft, ships, helicopters, space craft, plaques, and...

    B777-200 Continental (1:200), TMC Pacific Desktop Airplane Models Item Number KB7772CATR
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    TMC Pacific Desktop Airplane Models Item #: KB7772CATR -

      B777-200 Continental (1:200) by PacificItem Number: KB7772CATRSpan: 12 " Len: 13 " The basic 777-200 as launched in October 1990 was offered in two versions. The 777 were originally conceived as a stretched 767, but Boeing instead adopted an all-new design. The 777-200 first flew on June 12 1994.

      Continental (91-10) DC-10 (1:250), Flight Miniatures Snap-Fit Airliners, Item Number DC-01000I-006
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      Flight Miniatures Snap-Fit Airliners Item #: DC-01000I-006 -

        Continental (91-10) DC-10 (1:250)

        Continental 767-200 N76151 (1:400), AeroClassics Models, Item Number AC419435
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        AeroClassics Models Item #: AC419435 -

          Continental 767-200 N76151 (1:400) by AeroClassics Item Number: AC419435