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Malaysia Airlines Boeing 747-400 - Retro colors 9M-MPP (1:500), Herpa 1:500 Scale Diecast Airliners Item Number HE529679
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Herpa 1:500 Scale Diecast Airliners Item #: HE529679 -

    Malaysian has temporarily put a single 747 back into service on the Kuala Lumpur- London route to compensate downtime of part of the A380 fl eet due to modifi cations. The airline's livery of the 1970s was applied to 9M-MMP for the Occasion.

    MSA F-27 9M-AOX (1:400), AeroClassics Models Item Number AC19197
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    AeroClassics Models Item #: AC19197 -

      MSA F-27 9M-AOX (1:400) by AeroClassics Item Number: AC19197

      MSA F-27 9V-BAR (1:400), AeroClassics Models Item Number AC19198
      Retail: $46.95
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      AeroClassics Models Item #: AC19198 -

        MSA F-27 9V-BAR (1:400) by AeroClassics Item Number: AC19198