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Northeast B727-200 (1:200), InFlight 200 Scale Diecast Airliners Item Number IF722016
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InFlight 200 Scale Diecast Airliners Item #: IF722016 -

    Northeast B727-200 (1:200) By InFlight 200 Scale Diecast Airliners Item Number: IF722016 About Northeast B727-200 (1:200)About InFlight 200 Scale Diecast AirlinersInFlight 200 is a professional range of 1:200 scale model aircraft manufactured for the World's Airlines and model collectors alike. Pioneering engineers for Inflight200 were able to manufacture a superb quality of model aircraft never seen before in the scale of 1:200. The range has high technical tampo printing, rolling...

    Northeast B727-200 (Yellowbird) (1:400), GeminiJets 400 Diecast Airliners, Item Number GJNEA141
    Retail: $39.95
    Sale Price: $28.95
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    GeminiJets 400 Diecast Airliners Item #: GJNEA141 -

      Northeast B727-200 (Yellowbird) (1:400) by Gemini Jets 400Item Number: GJNEA141Welcome to the exciting world of GeminiJets��_! These 1/400 scale die cast metal airliner replicas, represent the world's airlines both past and present. These models are highly collectible and all regular releases are limited to production runs of 2500 pieces. This means that your investment affords you the opportunity of having a highly sought after collectible, in just a short period of time. GeminiJets��_ has...