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PBA (Providence Boston Airlines) DC-3 (1:100), Flight Miniatures Snap-Fit Airliners, Item Number DC-00300C-010
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Flight Miniatures Snap-Fit Airliners Item #: DC-00300C-010 -

    Provincetown Boston Airlines - Commemorative Douglas DC-3 On November 30, 1949, PBA was founded by John C. Van Arsdale in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and its first route was operated between Provincetown and Boston. The airline operated a route network in New England, New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida, and at one time was the largest commuter airline in the United States. This model, bearing registration number N136BP, represents the pride of the PBA fleet and the highest time airliner in...

    Provincetown-Boston (PBA) YS-11 (1:400), GeminiJets 400 Diecast Airliners, Item Number GJPBA311
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    GeminiJets 400 Diecast Airliners Item #: GJPBA311 -

      Provincetown-Boston (PBA) YS-11 (1:400) by Gemini Jets 400Item Number: GJPBA311Provincetown-Boston (PBA) YS-11