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Royal Brunei 1985 737-200 (1:500), InFlight 500 Scale Diecast Airline models Item Number IF5732006
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InFlight 500 Scale Diecast Airline models Item #: IF5732006 -

    Royal Brunei 1985 737-200 (1:500) by InFlight 500Item Number: IF5732006This model represents the Royal Brunie 737-200 V8-UEB as it appered in 1985. Model relesed February 2007 with 744 pieces produced.

    Royal Brunei 757-200 (1:200), Flight Miniatures Snap-Fit Airliners, Item Number BO-75720H-009
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    Flight Miniatures Snap-Fit Airliners Item #: BO-75720H-009 -

      Royal Brunei 757-200 (1:200) by Flight MiniaturesItem Number: BO-75720H-009Royal Brunei 757-200Flight Miniatures models are true-to-scale replicas of actual aircraft, depicting their authentic physical configuration and livery. By working closely with aircraft manufacturers and airlines, we are able to insure the accuracy of the details, right down to the registration number.

      Royal Brunei A320neo V8-RBA (1:400), GeminiJets 400 Diecast Airliners, GJRBA1717
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      GeminiJets 400 Diecast Airliners Item #: GJRBA1717 -

        Royal Brunei A320neo V8-RBA (1:400) by GeminiJets Item Number: GJRBA1717 Welcome to the exciting world of GeminiJets!! These scale die cast metal airliner and airplane replicas represent the world's airlines both past and present. These models are highly collectible and all regular releases are limited to production runs of 2500 pieces. This means that your investment affords you the opportunity of having a highly sought after collectible, in just a short period of time. GeminiJets! has gone...

        Royal Brunei Airlines A319 V8-RBP (1:400), AeroClassics Models Item Number AC19149
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        AeroClassics Models Item #: AC19149 -

          Royal Brunei Airlines A319 V8-RBP (1:400) By AeroClassics Models Item Number: AC19149 About Royal Brunei Airlines A319 V8-RBP (1:400) About AeroClassics Models AeroClassics is a line of 1:400 scale diecast aircraft models designed to complement other larger productions makers such as GeminiJets or DragonWings. Their goal is to provide the scale aircraft collecting community classic propliners and jetliners which would otherwise never be produced and their attention to detail is second to none....